Error Resolution and Information Requests

NMS will respond to a consumer’s written request to resolve an error or send information about their account in the following manner: 1) Provide the consumer a written response acknowledging receipt within 5 days.

2) Within 30 to 45 days, conduct an investigation and either correct the error and provide the consumer written notification of the correction or provide the consumer written notification that no error occurred.
a) The written notification of the correction includes the correction made, the effective date of correction, and our contact information, including a telephone number, for further assistance.
b) If we determine no error occurred a written notification will be sent to the consumer explaining such and the reason or reasons for our determination. In addition to this, we will send a statement of the consumer’s right to request the documents relied upon to reach the determination and information regarding how the consumer can request such documents will be provided.

3) Within 30 to 45 days, provide the information or conduct a reasonable search for the requested information and provide the consumer with a written notification explaining why the information is not available.

If we determine the notice of error or information requests fall into the situations listed below, we are not required to comply with the error resolution or information request requirements. However, we will notify the consumer of our determination within 5 business days after making our determination.

1) Duplicative notice of error of information requests 2) Overbroad or unduly burdensome request for information 3) Overbroad notice of errors 4) Untimely notices of error or information requests 5) Confidential, proprietary, or privileged information 6) Irrelevant requests for information

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